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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am the most indecisive person alive! {my hubby can vouch!}
I need some help! My extremely generous sister loves to spoil me with lavish gifts. {But...who's complaining?} She bought me a Coach bag as a thank you for the baby shower that I just threw for her. {Photos coming soon!}
She picked one out for me but told me that I could totally go look at the other bags to see if there was something I liked better.

I took a little trip tonight to go browse the selection.
I thought that I'd totally stick with the signature "C" print but I think I may have fallen for a "Poppy" one!

How cute would that be? It was pretty much made for me, right? {hello..Penelope Poppy here!}
So there are two bags in the "
Poppy Petal Print Glam" style that I really love but I am torn as to which bag to get! They are both the same price, one is a very nice sized tote.....

I LOVE this bag and would get it without hesitation but there is one small problem. The shoulder straps are kind of short and it doesn't like to stay on my shoulder {at least with my winter coat on anyways.}

The other bag is a smaller cross body bag....

Which is equally as cute but I find myself wondering if I should just go all out and get the big tote since I will probably never be able to buy one.

Please help!


  1. Go with the tote! You won't always be wearing a coat and when you are you can carry it in the crook of your arm like people do with expensive bags! ;)

  2. Nicole, I have been obsessed since last night with making this decision. I am completely torn! So far {including you} I have 3 votes for tote and 1 for the cross body. I have until Friday to make my final decision.

    How perfect is it though, right?

  3. I told Nate that the tote could totally be a future baby bag and he said "I am not carrying that." -ha.

  4. people do with expensive bags! ;)