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Hello! I'm Nicole and I love designing stationary because it gives me the chance to be very personal and expressive and it makes me happy to create something that someone else enjoys. I am a graphic designer by day, but you are most likely to find me in the card, stationary or gift wrap aisle. I can never throw away a stray piece of paper because when I look at it, I see all the possibilities of what I can do with it, or the new life it could have. Basically, I love all things paper - it just makes me smile!

I am a designer for Minted, see my work here:

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  1. Hi, Nicole! I'm looking at your romantic botanic wedding invitations on, and I was wondering if there is any way to add a custom product idea? One of my friends made her own invitations and I had considered doing so, but I fell in love with your designs! When she made hers, she included a separate, small website & registry card, about the size of a business card. It had registry info on one side and the couple's website on the other side. Have you ever done something like that? I'm assuming it's probably not an option, but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask! :)