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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Office Art

I have currently been in my office (at the agency) for over a year and a half and haven't done much to make the space "mine" besides a succulent and a framed photo of Nate and I.

I had my eye on this Balloon Ride art print from Rifle Paper Co for a while.
It's bright and happy but I just never pulled the trigger. I've also been in love with the World is Your Oyster print for EVER but I felt like if I ever decided to purchase it, I'd want to keep it at home and not bring it in to the office.

I needed to find something that I chose specifically for my office.
I had the opportunity of picking some prints from my best friend Minted.

Sushi by Katie Craig caught my eye while I was searching for a print for my home last year. I ended up going with another one of her prints though because I was having a purple obsession at the time. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to go for Sushi. It's colorful, bright and full of pep! I LOVE the color palette and my little succulent is in a color blocked pot that is aqua and white. Perfect.

I was able to squeeze another small print into my budget and I thought I'd get a companion for Sushi. Sushi has a lot going on {in a good way of course} so I needing something a little simpler both in design and color. I thought foil would be a nice accent.

Here are my three options:

A // Sushi + Hugs and Kisses Heart by Hooray Creative
B // Sushi + Magnifique by Maribou Design
C // Sushi + Criss Cross by Annie Clark

I like each combo for different reasons. I like the rose gold (A) with the peachy coral tones. I like the gold foil (B) with the palette too. I like the simplicity of the letters with the complexity of the painting. In C, I like the mix of colors and shapes.

Decisions, decisions. What do you think??

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