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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sweater Letter

{Pretty little Monogram for your home, read "how-to" below.}

I have had this kraft paper letter "A" sitting around for a couple of years.
I had always planned to do something with it...
maybe just paint it a crazy pop color.
Inspired by something I saw on Etsy, I decided to wrap it in yarn 
to make a "sweater letter."

It was very simple + everything pictured above can be purchased 
at Michael's or any other craft store.
You will need:
(1.) Letter of your choice (2.) Yarn of your choice {I picked a thicker weave but any would work} 
(3.) Hot glue gun...and yes, I have the cutest glue gun ever! (4.) Lastly, scissors.

Start on the back of the letter, glue down the end 
of the yarn and just start wrappin'!

Depending on the complexity of your letter, you may need to start and stop.
I had to on the "legs" of my "A" and also around the hole.

You only need to glue on your first time around the letter, 
after that you can just keep wrappin' without the glue.

Once you get to the top {if your letter has a top} you can just keep spiraling the yarn until the surface is covered...this part requires glue.

 I added a cute little knitted rose brooch that I had and ta-da! 
Look how adorable that is!
I have mine sitting on the shelf in my office!